The Northwest Courier–Meet Georgetown’s Cutest Landscapers: A Pair of Goats

Joy and Elsa, the four-legged landscapers, were hard at work this week, eating everything in sight and making friends along the way.

The Georgetowner—Tudor Place Hosts Memorial for Ray Kukulski

Tudor Place was honored to be the location for the memorial tribute to our longtime friend and supporter, Ray Kukulski.

The Washington Post—‘Goatscaping’ is a thing. Tudor Place in Georgetown uses farm animals for gardening.

Sometimes sustainable gardening practices come on four legs. Meet Elsa and Joy, the goats who cleaned up invasive plants here and became local favorites.

The Georgetowner—Tudor Place Lawn Torn Up for Cistern Project

Digging giant holes on the South Lawn is not for the faint of heart. Find out why Tudor Place added two 10,000 gallon stormwater cisterns, and how that helps the Rock Creek watershed.

The DC Line–GWU Museum captures DC in the 1820s through the eyes of Lafayette, L’Enfant

Mark Hudson, Executive Director of Tudor Place, spoke at The GWU Museum and the Textile Museum about the Marquis de Lafayette’s 1824 tour of the United States, which related to the new paintings by Tudor Place Artist-in-Residence Peter Waddell on display at the Museum through December 23, 2018.

The Georgetowner–World War I at Tudor Place

The women and men of Tudor Place supported The Great War by enlisting, fundraising, entertaining the troops, and nursing.

The Washington Post– It took this artist two years — and tiny brushes — to create bird’s-eye views of D.C.

Artist-in-Residence Peter Waddell used his historical knowledge and artistic skill to create two paintings of the Federal City — as dreamed by L’Enfant and Washington, and how it was built by 1825.

Read the full article that appeared in the Washington Post here:

The Washington Post — How Does Eliza Hamilton End Up in Washington? Here’s How.

Find out about the close ties between Alexander Hamilton’s widow, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and Britannia Peter Kennon, a past owner of Tudor Place. Objects from that friendship remain in the collection at Tudor Place.

The Washington Post — 5 Spectacular D.C. Gardens You Need to See Right Now

In a garden, the heat can grow on you. Summer delights at five D.C. gardens including Tudor Place.