Descendants Reveal the Stories of Their Enslaved, Free Black Ancestors at Tudor Place

Ann Chinn was invited to the Tudor Place for her daughter’s classmate’s birthday party years ago. When the child’s mother asked if she needed directions to the historic home, Chinn responded, “No, that was our family home.” The mother looked upon her strangely; she didn’t know Chinn is the descendant of a multigenerational legacy of enslaved African women at Tudor Place.

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Press Release: Tudor Place Tells the Stories of Enslaved Individuals on A New Tour

Press Release 

January 16, 2024

Washington, DC — Tudor Place Historic House & Garden presents Ancestral Spaces: People of African Descent at Tudor Place, a special installation and guided tour that explores the lives of individuals and families of African descent who lived and worked at Tudor Place.

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Mark Hudson, Executive Director, Featured in Podcast introducing, Ancestral Spaces: People of African Descent at Tudor Place

Listen to an interview with Mark Hudson, introducing “Ancestral Spaces: People of African Descent at Tudor Place,” the special new installation and guided tour.

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