Biography: Ralph Anderson (1790 – unrecorded)

Follow archivist and historian Heather Bollinger as she uncovers and reports the lives of enslaved and free people who lived and worked at this National Historic Landmark. Ralph Anderson was part of Martha Peter’s inheritance of 48 enslaved people after the death of Martha Washington. Ralph worked at Thomas Peter’s plantation, Seneca Farm, before he self-emancipated in 1910.

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Tudor Place Discusses Ancestral Spaces on WIN-TV

Curator Rob DeHart and Curator Rob DeHart and Karl Haynes, descendant of John Luckett and member of the Ancestral Spaces Advisory Committee, discuss Ancestral Spaces with Denise Rolark Barnes on “Let’s Talk.”

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Stopping to smell the roses in Washington DC

Georgetown’s Tudor Place gets the last hurrah before the summer kicks off here in the swamp known as Washington.

Their 32nd annual garden party on May 22 was a perfect swan song to the lingering days of spring which are soon to give way to a sweltering heat and what is sure to be a blistering election season come fall.

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Tudor Place Garden Party Honors Tom Birch

Tudor Place’s 32nd Annual Spring Garden Party honored Tom Birch — former advisory neighborhood commissioner and legislative counsel — for his service to the Georgetown community and as a Tudor Place volunteer. 

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