The Best Places to Propose in DC, According to DC-Area Photographers


by Amy Moeller | November 11, 2022

Tis the season to pop the question! The holidays are coming, and although we say any time is a good time to propose, more than 40 percent of proposals reportedly happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day in the U.S. So we asked dozens of local photographers for the best spots to get engaged, and their answers included everything from famous places to hidden gems, with plenty of hot tips along the way. Whether you’re planning to arrange for professional photography to capture the moment or you just want to seal that picture-perfect memory in your mind, here are the best places to propose, according to DC-area photographers.

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Connecting with descendants of John Luckett: A Conversation with Karl Haynes

A major initiative at Tudor Place is engaging with descendants of the enslaved and free people who worked at the site, to be able to share a more inclusive and equitable historic narrative with visitors.  Hear the journey of Karl Haynes as he discovers a family member with ties to Tudor Place in this heartfelt interview with Curator Rob DeHart.  Karl is a descendant of John Luckett, a gardener who worked at Tudor Place from 1862 to 1906


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