Sugar Shakers and Handkerchief Holders: A Collection of Unusual Silver

We have a new exhibition in the visitor center! Tudor Place has one of the finest domestic silver collections in the country.  Within that collection are 24-piece sets of flatware, impressive tureens and serving dishes, tea and coffee services and bonbon dishes galore!

The collection also contains many unusual and rare objects that are little used, if even recognized today. The new exhibition in the Visitor Center highlights a selection of these fascinating items. Whether you wish to hold your handkerchief,  lift sardines from a can or fasten your button in style, this exhibition has the perfect instrument for the task.

The exibition will be up through December 31, 2009.  Below are some highlights:

1. Bonbon Server
Silver; Gorham, Providence, RI; c.1900
This ‘giant spoon’ form was inspired by the
heavily ornamented ‘Dutch’ silver of the
turn-of-the-century. The intricate scenic decoration
was stamped of thin sheets of silver making
‘Dutch’ silver very inexpensive.

17. Candlesnuffer
Silver Plate; French; 1826-1850
The open scissors are placed either side of a
candle wick and then closed.
The flat section pushes the wick into the box,
extinguishing the flame.


24. Angel food cake cutter or breaker
Silver and base metal; American; c. 1910